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How About That Jewelry

In my last blog, I wrote about age-limits on clothing styles (Spoiler: There aren’t any!) I have become aware that our impression of our own bodies also affects the purchasing of jewelry as well. “My neck is too long to wear that” or” my hands are not pretty enough, I don’t want to bring attention to them.”

WOW are we women (even those of us in Vermont) that judgmental of each other? I am assuming when someone compliments the jewelry I am wearing they are not looking at my age spots or earlobes but at the fine item I loved enough to adorn myself with.

Jewelry is such a personal form of expression and if what you love happens to be large or small, I say: Wear it with pride and feel terrific when you are complimented on it! It’s a compliment to you and your wonderful unique style.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.


Artist, seamstress and Melinda Coombs owns Beyond Imagination, a boutique clothing store in Wilmington, VT. Follow her blog, check out the store’s website or come on in to the store see the latest in women’s fashion!

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