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Can You Really Wear That Together?

I have this favorite skirt that is made of the loveliest iridescent gold/purple colors and I suppose most people think of it as dressy. My customers will say ,“It’s so beautiful but where would I wear that in Wilmington, Vermont?”

I say: Wherever you want!

I have a purple casual pullover sweater that I throw on with it, a pair of boots and I always feel great as I swish out the door in it. I plan this summer to put it on alongside sandals and a tee shirt. If people look at me and smile, I am going to know that I have given them the idea that: Yes! You CAN really wear that together!”

Wear what you love – every day of the week! Get creative so you can wear the things you love even if it is not a “special” occasion.

You have the option to make every day special.

As the saying on my front door says “Clothes should bring you joy and make you feel beautiful!”

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Artist, seamstress and Melinda Coombs owns Beyond Imagination, a boutique clothing store in Wilmington, VT. Follow her blog, check out the store’s website or come on in to the store see the latest in women’s fashion!

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