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Is There An Age Limit for Clothing Styles?

I find it quite remarkable how many women are concerned about whether the outfit or piece of clothing that they are considering buying is “age-appropriate?” When I do my buying, the clothing does not come with age requirements, although on occasion I hear, “Well this is a young group,” or “This is a missy line.”

What I have realized during these last few years of selling women’s clothing here in Wilmington, Vermont is that what is “age-appropriate” is really a question about your comfort with yourself. I have 70-year-old women purchasing that “younger group” and 21-year-olds buying the “missy group.”

In my mind, clothing is more about body shape and your open-mindedness about the garment. Aside from wrinkly legs in a mini skirt (and if you are comfortable with that Bravo!) I don’t really believe that there is an age limit on clothing styles.

I say: Get out there and try things on! See where it takes you. You might find out you have been depriving yourself of dressing the true you.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below. Artist, seamstress and Melinda Coombs owns Beyond Imagination, a boutique clothing store in Wilmington, VT. Follow her blog, check out the store’s website or come on in to the store see the latest in women’s fashion!

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