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Slipcovers & Pillows

Melinda Coombs has been creating slip covers and pillows in the Deerfield Valley for over 35 years. Despite our increasingly "throwaway society" more and more people are realizing the value of recycle as opposed to replace. As Melinda explains " That's definitely where a slip cover comes in. We're not talking elastic and bows. We are talking custom fit." A hand-sewn new slipcover can recreate your old sofa, love seat or chair.

Melinda prides herself on being masterful at creating the "upholstered look." She likes to call it "clothing for furniture". She will come to your home to drape and pin on-site, so you are never without your furniture. The "fitting" takes a few hours and she'll be back in a few weeks with your new creation-so you can make the old new again. You get to keep your worn cozy couch ( or chair) but you get to make it yours.

I’ve come to rely on Melinda for all my decorating projects and I’ve never been disappointed.

- Jean Cincotta

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