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About Beyond Imagination

Beyond Imagination -

Custom Interior Design Decorating Work Room.

Vermont artist Melinda Coombs  Located in the southern Vermont town of Jacksonville Beyond Imagination, incorporates Melinda’s love of design and art into beautiful decor for your home or business. She designs and creates unique and high-quality items that are made in Vermont by her.


Melinda is available to consult on window treatments, bedding and fabric choices. As the owner of Beyond Imagination, clients have the option to meet with Melinda at their home where she will bring an array of fabric swatches, . She will measure and give yardage so that clients can choose their fabrics anywhere they would like. Melinda says of her craft, ”It is so wonderful when I deliver a finished product, and often times I leave with a smile and a hug from my client. I love what I do. I look at it as a work of art, and unfortunately it is becoming a lost art. I hope to continue to create as long as I can as I love to design with the client to create a one of a kind piece.”

beyond Imagination - Oil Paintings made in Vermont

 Customers can consult with Melinda about interior design or order a custom-item for their home. 

beyond Imagination - Oil Paintings by Vermont Artists

About   Melinda

Melinda Elliott Coombs was born and raised in Marlboro, a small town in southern Vermont. She is well-known throughout the Deerfield Valley and Mount Snow region for her creativity, artistic sense and for the successful interior design and sewing business she has run for years.

Melinda is a dedicated self-taught artist who works in a multitude of media including fiber arts, pastel, watercolor, oil paintings and the woven beadwork technique she uses in her jewelry. Each piece of jewelry that Melinda designs is unique. She describes her handmade jewelry, crafted from beads and semi-precious stones, as “wearable art.”

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